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Nina ottosson dog casino wood

Dog Finder Plastica Blu. Dog Tornado plastica Azzuro. Dog Brick plastica Beige Latte. Dog Twister Plastica Lilla Viola. Di più. Trasportini e articoli da viaggio. Cibo per cani. Snack per cani. Letti e ceste. Cuccioli e cani giovani. Sport e addestramento. Collari e guinzagli. Giocattoli con squeak. Giochi da lancio e riporto. Giochi snack. Giocattoli acquatici. Giochi intelligenti. Palle e anelli. Giocattoli da masticare. Giocattoli morbidi. Giochi per cuccioli. Ciotole e distributori per cibo e acqua. Cura e igiene. Cucce e recinti. Marrone chiaro 7. Marrone 1. Viola 1. Arancio chiaro 1. Visualizza la sezione Domande e risposte. Nessuna recensione cliente.

Condividi i tuoi pensieri con altri clienti. Scrivi una recensione cliente. Acquisto verificato. I got this toy for my 6 month old Boxer mix. I hadn't realized she was such a genius! She had it figured out, with all drawers locked, in under ten minutes! Not to spoil the fun, but the trick is to pick it up by a drawer handle and shake the whole contraption roughly for a second or two, followed by bashing it into the nearest wall repeatedly until the treat reservoirs are released.

Once all of the goodies have been devoured, the rubber feet are easily removed, making marvelous, teeny, choking-hazard chew toys. Not only that, but with little effort the drawers can also be freed from their moorings and, fast as you can say Jack Robinson, masticated into unidentifiable orange plastic blobs. The dog casino is not completely without challenge, however; getting the bones into the locked position had me tearing out my hair. I'm giving this two stars under the gracious assumption that it would be suitable for a smaller, less rambunctious pooch. Looks good.

Well made. Perhaps too well made. This is clearly above the skill level of our Maltese Terrier, who opens the flip top lids of another puzzle and just rotates and vacuums up the treats without lifting individual lids. So we thought she was ready for 2. Apparently not. Even if I show her the rotate-the-bone-to-release action, she can't pair that with the open-the-drawer action to get the treats. Maybe larger ahem Our pup looks at me like "Seriously?

My Standard Poodle mix who is 10, loves this puzzle. He is difficult to buy for, since almost every puzzle toy I've bought for him is too easy to keep him entertained. This puzzle was challenging for him when I first got it out of the box I didn't show him how to work the drawers and locks at all as an extra challenge , and it quickly became one of his favorites.

This is also durable, as it was tested a few times during his frustrations when he would pick it up and throw it or try to dig the locks apart. I bought this back in February and I've waited to write a review until he finally mastered it to see if it would survive. Overall, a well-made, difficult puzzle for a wicked-smart old man! I purchased this puzzle for my cats hoping it would challenge them I have two cats that are puzzle fanatics. The toy is sturdy and well made. I had to train my dog to understand it by setting it easy at first then progressing the difficulty, now my bichon is an expert; however, because this is made on a composit wood, it does not last over time.

At first my bichon tried to get the treats with her tongue instead of moving the knobs with her paw which extremely quickly ruined the material This toy costs way too much for it to be made so cheap! I am a big fan of Nina Ottosson puzzles, I have been training my cairn since he was 5 months old and nothing gets him more excited than to solve his mind bending puzzles. We stared with the Dog Brick and he figured it out on his own the first try. Then we moved on to Dog Casino which took him 3 trials to figure it out, now the cheater gets ahold of the handle of one of the drawers, shakes the whole puzzle and instantly all bones come out.

To me this meant he needed a bigger challenge, therefore a new and harder puzzle. We got this Dog Turbo which keeps him entertain for a while, he hasnt figure out a way to cheat this one yet, so Im happy. My only complain is that the puzzle material seems to deteriorate rather quickly, the cork like material wears off fast everytime he paws it to guide the treats out, the plastic Dog Brick and Dog Casino are, in my opinion, a lot more durable. Overall, I do like the product, I think the idea behind it is good, and I will keep on investing on her puzzles, next one on the list is Dog Trubble Vai su Amazon.

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Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Composite Level 3 x5 cm. x5 cm Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Art.-Nr.: . Nina Ottosson Dog Trigger Wood 26x40 m . Lista di prodotti per produttore Nina Ottosson. Nina Ottosson è un'addestratrice di cani svedese che ha creato una gamma di giochi Dog Casino Wood. DOG CASINO - NEW. Every pup is a winner with the Nina Ottosson Dog . 1 DogCasino (Wood), 1 DogWorker (Composite plastic), 1 DogTurbo (Wood). 36; 72; Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Beige economico Dog Worker Composite Level 3 Nina Ottosson Marrone chiaro .. Dog Trigger Wood 26x40 m . Nina. Nina Ottosson Gioco D'intelligenza Dogcasino Wood. no reviews Recensione Nina Ottosson Gioco Strategico/attivazione Mentale Dog Casinò. no reviews. Nina Ottosson Dog Fighter Interactive Doy Toy Puzzle for Dogs, Wood. 49,99 € Nina Ottosson Dog casino Treat Dispensing cervello e esercizio gioco per cani. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle Toy Game FREE SHIPPING NEW Eco-Friendly Wood Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Interactive Cat Toy.